ran Brief—Nuclear investigation “not an endless process” and other news

The IAEA director general urged Iran to fulfill its transparency obligations, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei criticized U.S.’s strategy against ISIS, and more in this week’s edition of the Belfer Iran Brief, covering September 9—September 15.

By Henry Rome


  • IAEA said its investigation is “not an endless process,” as Iran pledged to complete transparency measures.
  • Two-thirds of…

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The Perils of Drinking Coffee ‘Provocatively’

According to Article 638 of Iran’s 1996 Islamic Penal Code, “women who appear in the street and public places without the Islamic hejab will serve time, between ten days and two months, and will have to pay a cash fine”.

The law, however, does not define the exact parameters surrounding the “Islamic hejab,” leaving that crucial judgment up to the police and the paramilitary Basij force. This…

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An Iranian Fundamentalist’s Handbook on Sex in the West

Back in the 1990s when I was in my early teens, I was sent to the school office at Hoda Girls Middle School for being found in possession of a Michael Jackson videotape.

The school counselor forced to deal with me pulled her headscarf forward and glanced warily at the videotape on her desk. “Do you know this singer? Does anybody know whether he is a man or a woman?” she asked, not waiting for an…

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Kasra Nouri, Crime : Journalism
Kasra Nouri, Crime : Journalism

Kasra Nouri is a blogger and Sufi activist and has been arrested twice. He is currently serving his sentence at Evin Prison, where he’s gone on repeated hunger strikes to protest against prison conditions for dervishes.

Name: Kasra Nouri

Born: 1990, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Career:Blogger and Sufi activist; member of Mehdi Karroubi’s 2009 campaign team; reporter for…

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IranWire| Does Khamenei Have Cancer?
Ayatollah Khamenei in hospital

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was released from hospital on September 15, a week after undergoing prostate surgery. Following the surgery, Dr. Alireza Marandi, head of his medical team, said he would be kept in hospital for a further three to five days. He also advised the ayatollah to take it easy, not take on a heavy workload, and avoid…

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Trading Sex on Facebook, Iranian Style
Trading Sex on Facebook, Iranian Style

The photos are something like the virtual equivalent of an Amsterdam red light district flesh window. They feature semi-nude young women with tattoos and heavy make-up, each introduced with one or two sentences. The picture for Baran is accompanied by this caption: “She is rather expensive, serves only Tehran, and charges double for a full night.”


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The Boys Are Back in Town: Iran’s Annual Charm Offensive Begins Amidst Fading Hopes for a Deal

In an autumn rite of passage that has become as predictable as the start of school and the changing of the leaves, this week has seen the launch of the Iranian government’s annual American charm offensive, as senior officials began arriving in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings. This year, as last, Tehran’s typical U.S. agenda of speeches, media appearances, gala dinners…

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Bahai| Unerfüllte Versprechen – Irans Versagen in der Menschenrechtspolitik

Der Iran hat eine Reihe von Versprechen hinsichtlich des Umgangs mit den Bahá’í im eigenen Land in keinster Weise eingelöst, heißt es in einem aktuellen Bericht der Internationalen Baha’í-Gemeinde. 


Der Bericht „Unfulfilled Promises” (dt.”Unerfüllte Versprechen“) wurde Anfang dieser Woche im UN-Hauptquartier in Genf vorgestellt. Dieser geht auf 34 spezifische Zusagen ein, die der…

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Iran cleric: They used to say loudspeakers were forbidden

Customers use computers at an Internet cafe in Tehran, May 9, 2011. (photo by REUTERS/Caren Firouz)

The issue of high-speed Internet has once again become a hot topic in the Iranian media with two prominent clerics addressing the issue and taking opposing sides. According to Ensaf News, Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekoonam, a prominent cleric in Qom, defended high-speed Internet during a…

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NSU-Prozeß| 22.-24.09.2014

In der kommenden Woche wird zunächst am Montag ein Zeuge gehört, der in den Jahren vor dem Untertauchen des Trios zum Freundeskreis Uwe Mundlos gehörte und von dessen Aggressivität und Gewalttätigkeit berichten soll. Am Dienstag sollen ein Polizeibeamter und ein Richter von der polizeilichen und richterlichen Vernehmung der alten Frau aus dem Haus Frühlingsstraße berichten, die nur durch…

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